Alles Tab Browser Extension
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Alles Tab Extension

This is the extension for Alles Tab. It sets your homepage and adds Alles Search as a search engine.

Repository Structure

Chromium and Firefox extensions are mostly compatible (especially thanks to Mozilla's WebExtensions API polyfill), but there are still some minor differences. To deal with this, there is a src repository that contains all the code, including separate manifests for Chrome and Firefox - manifest-chrome.json and manifest-firefox.json - then you can use the script to split them into independent directories: src will be copied to chrome and firefox, and the correct manifest will be renamed to manifest.json while removing the other one.

Signing and Distributing for Firefox

Firefox extensions can be distributed directly through Alles, however they need to be signed. To generate the signed .xpi file, you'll need to use the web-ext utility: web-ext sign --api-key= --api-secret=. See the Extension Workshop page to learn more. The .xpi file can then be hosted, and when the browser navigates to it, it will show an install prompt.