API Proxy
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authspok is an API proxy by Alles for handling requests between microservices

Config File

The config.json file can contain 3 parts: port, services and clients.

  • port is optional and defaults to 8080. It is the port that authspok listens on.
  • services are the service names and the URLs that requests should be proxied to. For example, if there is {"users": "http://localhost:8081"}, then https://authspok.example.com/users/example goes to http://localhost:8081/example
  • clients specified credentials and which services they have access to. The client secret is specified in secret and access is an array of service names that the client can access.

Client Authentication

Use HTTP Basic Auth to access services through authspok. A client can only access the services specified in the config file.


authspok can be used with Docker and Docker Compose. Copy the docker-compose-example.yml file to docker-compose.yml and change the port to the one you want to use.